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A brief history
In late 2010, I cofounded SmartAsset.com together with Michael Carvin. We were both new to the "startup game" and had real no experience starting and building a company, nor much of an idea of what needed to be done, what sort of tools and services we would need along the way, etc. Through a series of networking groups (such as FirstGrowth, FoundersRound, StartOut and Y-Combinator), other local NYC founders, friends, and also our lawyers, we (thankfully) got most of the advice or information we needed, and succeeded in growing SmartAsset to the company it is today.

However, I often looked back and wondered why we couldn't find reliable, consistent information online about all the various issues we had to deal with, or more importantly learn about the things we didn't even know we needed. Surely most startup founders and entrepreneurs go through the same hurdles as we did.

In summer 2012, SmartAsset was selected to join Y-Combinator (YC) in California. One of the great benefits of YC is clearly the network of YC founders and alumni, but more importantly the tools provided for networking. Back in 2012, most YC communication was done via email and Google Groups. Today, however, YC has a great internal system that allows YC alums to post notices, jobs, deals, kick off discussions, ask questions, etc.

In January 2019 I therefore decided it was time to move on from my role as C.T.O. of SmartAsset and take a stab at starting something new again. While many other founder-friends suggested taking a break, traveling or just doing something different for a while, I quickly realized I was going stir-crazy within a few days if I wasn't building something or coding!

Given my experience at SmartAsset, and after bouncing ideas around with a couple of friends and founders, I decided to spend some time putting FoundersList together. What you see here is still in very rough "beta" form, and as the platform (and hopefully the team) grows, more features will be added along the way.

Suggestions, Comments, Thoughts
While there's plenty of features in the pipeline for FoundersList, the most important are those which you (as founders, users, service-providers, etc) really need. So please feel free to get in touch -- by email at hello@founderslist.com or via the contact page.

Philip Camilleri, Founder

Philip has been coding professionally for nearly two decades. But he’s been doing it for fun since he was 12 years old, first on a cutting-edge Atari 128XE with a whopping 128 kbytes of RAM; then on an Acorn Archimides a3000, before graduating to a "real" computer: an 80186 PC with MS DOS 6!

Philip was born and raised in Malta, graduated at the University of Malta, and then moved around some: first to Germany, then to the UK and Italy, before finally setting in the USA.

Prior to starting FoundersList, Philip co-founded SmartAsset and was Chief Technology Officer there from inception until early 2019.

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